Akash case study

Being into the TV news and media kept the hype on, and users kept booking the tablet devices and the company knew it would surely be appreciated, if they even gave a buggy tab in the users hands. In an Internet service, a particular Internet site could be reached by anyone anywhere in the world who proposes to visit the said Internet site.

Therefore, it is obvious that where the parties are engaged in common or overlapping fields of activity, the competition would take place. These were the initial words said by Mr. The facts as reported in the news are as follows.

One from Maxtouuch comes with Wi-Fi, 3G dongle support, built-in camera etc.

Akash Chandan

However, as word spread, witnesses have started popping up with their version of events. What has followed since has ranged from subtle innuendos to outright allegations against some of the most powerful and rich of Mumbai — and India.

The ratio and principle laid down in the aforesaid decision equally apply to the facts of the present case with full force. We confirmed this through actual users who tried using the Wi-Fi and browsing the web for an hour.

Making of Aakash: The World's Cheapest Tablet

The decisions relied upon by the counsel for the defendant are not applicable to the facts of the present case and have no application in the facts and circumstances of the present case as the services offered in the present case by the plaintiff and Akash case study defendant are identical since both of them provide Internet programs and on line information to users regarding various categories of applications like arts, humanities, employment, entertainment, etc.

Counsel for the defendant also argued that the Internet users are sophisticated users and only literate people who are able to ascertain can approach the actual Internet site that they intend to visit.

This was almost 12 hours after the accident. The principle underlying the action is that no man is entitled to carry on his business in such a way as to lead to the belief that he is carrying on the business of another man or to lead to believe that he is carrying on or has any connection with the business carried on by another man.

Aakash 2 which is priced more, and as the company says, they have got lacs of bookings already for it ah, seems their plans have worked well for now. Thus in the context and light of the aforesaid decisions and the development in the concept of law of passing off, it is too late in the day to submit that passing off action cannot be maintained as against services as it could be maintained for goods.

One-in-a-Million; reported in FSRit was held that any person who deliberately registers a domain name on account of its similarity to the name, brand name or trademark of an unconnected commercial organisation must expect to find himself on the receiving end of an injunction to restrain the threat of passing off, and the njunction will be in terms which will make the name commercially useless to the dealer.

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When both the domain names are considered, it is crystal clear that the two names being almost identical or similar in nature, there is every possibility of an Internet user being confused and deceived in believing that both the domain names belong to one common source and connection, although the two belong to two different concerns.

The decision in Vishnu das Trading Vs. After that was said, the entire tablet project moved around through various companies until Datawind fixed the deal to launch the tablet, and that too got delayed for a couple months.

Many Akash case study tablet devices have the resistive touchscreens but they at least respond well when a push and drag sequence is done on the screen, and that unlocks the screen well.CASE: “Completing the Trans-Java Highway,” HKS Draft Case STUDY QUESTIONS: The arguments that are offered in favor of Public Private Partnership (PPP) as a procurement model include the potential for private efficiency, private financing (or expanded budgetary capacity of the state), risk transfer, performance-based compensation, and a life-cycle perspective on the asset.

Study of Aakash Health Care; Study of Aakash Health Care. Words Feb 19th, 7 Pages. The objectives were to analyse the time utilization of minor OT and to suggest remedial measures for effective utilization.

The study was conducted for a period of 4 weeks and data was collected for patients. Case Study 1: Statistical Thinking. The case study 'Making of Aakash: The World's Cheapest Tablet' discusses how the world's cheapest tablet Aakash was developed by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India, along with its various partners.

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Case study 1. GOING FAST Presented by: AKASH PARTH SARTHI MBA (1) ARTADEEP SAMANTA Dt- 29th Nov PRIANKA ROY 2. Starbucks Corporation Type – Public Industry – Coffee Shop Founded – 30th March, Seattle Washington Founders – Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker Number of Locations – 23.

Akash case study
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