Apple inc sociocultural environmental concerns

PESTEL Analysis of Apple Inc.

Apple meanwhile said it has no further information to share at this moment. This could lead to increased prices for Apple products.

It was also able to achieve a profit margin of That was a great idea because music is a universal constant.

Apple PESTEL Analysis

The reasons are both technological and economical. Apple, however, has taken us through a series of cultural changes, some good and some perhaps not so good. On the other hand, governments are also imposing stricter telecommunications regulations, which are a threat because they could potentially limit the usability of Apple products.

On the other hand, technological integration of devices is a major trend. Cloud computing trend opportunity Technological integration opportunity Growing apps market opportunity Cloud computing is becoming popular among individuals and organizations.

Third, they say Apple should change its current procurement policy and make environmental pollution a "core violation". Political issues are there all around the globe.

Apple is a tech giant and so it is bound to be affected by technological changes. Of course, there are also disastrous consequences: Focus on environmental issues also affects brand image and popularity in global markets.

After understanding their business process their business will be more effective, efficient and developed. The campaigners believe Apple should check for breaches of environmental law by suppliers and hold back or cancel contracts accordingly.

We were pioneers in removing PVC from our power cords, cables, and headphones, which makes them safer to recycle.

P.E.S.T Factors

That is, when someone is very, very wealthy, that person goes through stages as well. Its Singapore facilities are powered by a 32 megawatt solar project and in China Apple is planning to add megawatts of solar energy to its capability. Better economic performance of the global economy means higher purchasing power of the consumers which in turn means better sales.

Apple wakes up to Chinese pollution concerns

Phase II is a dream come true for both Apple and its customers. We live and breathe to the soundtrack of our soul daily. Technology had become the most important media that makes this globalization developed faster and wider. The number of new consumer products Apple can bring out is limited.

For example, during inflation period in the U. In this case Apple will invest a lot of their capital to the Research and Product Development. I can do anything I please. However, with Trump government in America, things might change drastically.

It is also the main reason that Apple has not been able to penetrate the Indian market deep which is currently ruled by brands like Samsung. However, competition may continue to bother it in the coming years.Socio-cultural environment is becoming more and more significant in industrialized countries.

Especially in the United States where diversity of nations work and live. Therefore, it is highly important to consider socio-cultural factors that might affect Apple company and, in consequence, the society itself.

The company viable approach to environmental issue is due to its strategy for health consciousness that is being analyzed in legal and socio-cultural impacts. Conclusion To conclude, Apple is a well-established firm operating from more than 40 years has a firm grasp on all the aspects discussed in PESTEL analysis.

Apple Inc. PESTLE Analysis

The external factors in Apple’s remote or macro-environment indicate the value of various strategic options for the company. This PESTEL/PESTLE analysis is a guide for Apple. • Pollution and other environmental concerns from manufacturing facilities in China. • Climate change due to global warming could disrupt Apple’s supply chain.

• China’s efforts to reduce fossil fuel use could increase electricity rates and manufacturing costs for Apple in that country. Apple is the largest taxpayer in the world and such political issues are bound to affect its revenue.

EU has kept targeting the big technology companies including Google, Amazon and Apple. Apple’s external environment can be divided into macroeconomic, technological, demographic and social factors.

How Apple is Influencing Our Culture

The economic factors that can be seen as opportunities in the technological industry are the need for lower cost products that satisfy the consumers’ needs in the midst of .

Apple inc sociocultural environmental concerns
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