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This course explores the history of the development and growth of groups an outgrowth of social psychologythe varied kinds of groups, and the process and structure of individual and group behavior as it relates to group dynamics, Christian maturity and ministry.

The major theorists in the area of human development will be researched and the various major theories of human development will be critically compared. Angelology A thorough study of the role and function of angels in relation to the church of Jesus Christ and the believer is detailed in this course.

Though the principles are universal, the focus of the course is the local church. Students will be exposed to common practices of truly great teachers, factors that motivate learning, and a method for evaluating the teaching-learning process.

It is designed to implement much of the content of the other courses in the lives of these students, pastors, chaplains, educators, and church workers.

Do you live what you believe? But others are not so fortunate, and for them the proofs are an encouragement to faith, and a stiller of doubts. Specifically, this course views human growth and development as a psychological, biological, and spiritual process that demands an integrated analysis.

New Testament Survey This course provides an overview of the New Testament, with a brief introduction to each of the 27 books of the Protestant canon, and a concise summary of their contents, enabling the learner to correctly relate the parts of the New Testament to each other, and to the Old Testament.

The course discusses topics including: Ministry in Juvenile Correctional Settings This course is an in-depth study of correctional ministry to juveniles as it relates to understanding troubled youth, influences which lead to juvenile delinquency, skills and qualifications of those who minister, and working within the limitations of the Juvenile Justice System.

Because Christian ethics is a form of reflection which arises out of moral conflict, the course utilizes specific moral problems as a way of exploring these themes.

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An overview of the types of facilities in which ministry takes place, types of ministry being carried out, and opportunities for ministry within the facility and post-facility setting. Theology and Practice of Prophetic Ministry Introduction — Presented in seminar format Be trained and activated and gain a deeper understanding of prophetic principles.

Be trained and activated to a greater flow in prophecy, word of knowledge and the word of wisdom. The phenomenology of emotional disorders and their diagnosis will be explored in detail.

Topics include the rise of orthodoxy, the many transformations that took place after the conversion of Constantine, the rise of the papacy, the many forms of medieval religious life, and the emergence of new forms of both lay and clerical piety.

This course discusses why God has a Church; His purpose and plan for His Church; why the Church has not fulfilled the great commission and what is necessary to do so.

Ecclesiology An examination of the New Testament church with particular concern given to its origin, distinctive nature, mission, government, offices, ordinances, and destiny. The course includes an analysis of professional ethics, training and practice standards, educational requirements, and mental health law.

Introduction to World Missions God has one unified, global purpose for all He does. Sexual deviations will also be considered. Stay informed of our latest resources and community-wide events by signing up for e-mail updates.

There are many theories of Divine guidance and each are explained within a solid Biblical perspective. Servanthood The focus of this course is to provide a rewarding learning experience for the Bible College student at a beginning level.


The course is designed to give the new student a solid foundation for the coming four years of intensive Bible study. Parental, family, church, and institutional-agency ministry reviewed with the purpose of encouraging students to develop a starting theology of ministry to persons in this age group and to practice skills fundamental to such ministry.

This course examines the nature and function of belief structures, and the value of developing and living a distinctly Christian life.

It presents the various laws and ethical requirements related to counseling and studies the many forms needed to conduct a successful counseling ministry. Church Growth and Development A study of church growth and development with special emphasis on church health.


Understand the importance of a Christian worldview and how a Christian World View directs our life in the workplace.There are seven student workbooks in the SALT series.

Each book focuses on a different area of life and contains 4 lessons. Each lesson is filled with scripture, text, application questions and simple diagrams to illustrate foundational Biblical truths.

Biblical Counseling Student Manual Bill Scheidler. BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Comparison Paper 1: Effective Biblical Counseling by Larry Crabb Submitted to Dr. Jaeduk Kim, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the course Spring PACO D02 LUO Theology and Spirituality in Counseling.

Small Group Leadership Training Manual Introduction A. The purpose of this manual B. The purpose led Christian I. Personal development to fulfill our purpose -. Counseling and Family Violence from a Christian perspective is one of the required courses for students pursuing a degree in counseling with an emphasis in family counseling, domestic violence counseling, substance abuse and addiction counseling and/or pastoral counseling, Counseling and Family Violence focuses on the etiology.

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Biblical counseling student manual bill scheidler
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