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T N Sheshan for over twenty hours hardly a few meters away from him! April 30th, by Shashank Venkat.

Great Lakes Institute of Management PG admissions 2017

To ensure that we are not left behind, we were offered streams in Analytics with focused programs on Business Analytics and practical applications of analytics. Hence, the prospective candidate is encouraged to visit us at www. Hire us to improve your chances of getting into the top international universities.

Candidates can choose to apply by any of the following methods: In the previous online format, aspirants had to write an online essay on three topics whereas the current format will allow them to choose a topic among a medley of topics.

We had professors from Stanford, Kellogg, Yale, Harvard come down and teach us, some developed great contacts with them, and still continue to do so and engage in their research activities as well.

Great Lakes has been stacking up on some good mojo too, as it quietly goes about doing its job. The eventual application process is online for all candidates.

I was having a casual chat with Prof. This dynamic combination will bear fruits only if our current generation of business leaders recognise them early Money Value of Time and nurture and grow them to maturity and perpetuity Time Value of Money. Candidates Essays for great lakes chennai greater than 24 months of work- experience are requested to apply for the Great lakes PGPM program.

This is a good way to test the students.

Great Lakes

The selection process builds in a criterion that facilitates evaluating each applicant on: Based in Chennia, GLIM with its international strategic partnership with a premier global business school seeks to be different from the conventional business schools in India by making its students "Masters of Business Readiness" when they complete the one-year fast track programme.

The institute will now ask aspirants to write on-spot essays and submit recommendations after the institute calls them for the admission process. Great Lakes emphasize on integrity and values including originality.

We were a student driven organization working on democratic principles. Even for me, I had never thought of listening to someone like Mr. The eventual application process is online for all candidates.

The institute refused to disclose the weightage given to essays in the entire selection process. I still remember throwing my hat as high as I could last week at the convocation where Mr.

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Candidates can choose to apply by any of the following methods: Plagiarism will be probed thoroughly during the process. Great Lakes accepted applications from only students with a minimum of two years of work experience. Purchase the application form from the Great Lakes Offices in Chennai.

For dates please refer to the "Key Dates" page. However, Great Lakes did not explicitly state this as the reason for the shift in policy. PaGaLGuY spoke to some b-school students who told us that applicants might not be interested in writing essays and collecting recommendations during the application stage itself.

Great Lakes lays emphasis on integrity and values including originality.

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I did pay a visit to the campus and was taken on a guided tour you may get lost the first time! We hope he comes out of nostalgia soon so he can take on any questions you have about Great Lakes.

As we prepare for a harsh corporate life, I think what has really made the difference in the past year is the people we have met and the relations we have built with them. Bala and yes to a large extent it was true. By the organization shifted to their sprawling campus on the scenic East Coast Road in Chennai.

Admissions Open PGXPM 2016-18

Life at Lakes was simple, hectic, rigorous at times, but yet enjoyable to the fullest extent. At that time, Great Lakes was at a very nascent stage. We believe that genuine writing skills and thinking on the feet ability will be better demonstrated by a live hand-written essay rather than by a well thought through online essay.

They were stalwarts in their respective fields and set great examples to follow for the future. While everyone is getting enamoured by its more famous competitor no points for guessing which onemany graduates of the 1 year PGPM program at Great Lakes have some special memories attached to their alma mater.

Time sometimes is just enough for that.The PGDM program at Great Lakes was started in July. I am happy to say that I was one among the who passed out of the Institute in March •Great Lakes Institute of Management is committed to developingoutstanding leaders who can inspire trust and confidence in comment on the applicant's behaviour (e.g.

respect for others,honesty, integrity, accountability for personal behaviour) within. L’Attitude 13°05’ is an annual inter B-School festival of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. It is a two day event which includes events like iHuman, Finovate, Invader, Solveda, B-S /5(41). Two years later my classmate from school joined Great Lakes and well, I was able to get first hand information on the quality of faculty, the facilities and the students at Great Lakes.

By the organization shifted to their sprawling campus on the scenic East Coast Road in Chennai. Great lakes also had a similar view on the shift to the written essay.

Speaking to PaGaLGuY exclusively on the change in policy, Mr. Easwar Krishna Iyer, director admissions, Great Lakes said. Candidates seeking to apply to both Great Lakes, Chennai and Great Lakes, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) through a common application may do so by selecting the appropriate option in the registration form and paying an application fee of INR /- only.

Essays for great lakes chennai
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