Example business plan operations department description

Finally, describe any positions you might want to add in the future if your business is successful enough to expand — managers for additional stores, for example.

Your organizational plan should provide names and professional descriptions of each owner and manager your business will have; include the bios and professional backgrounds of all principals.

Like the Marketing Plan, your Operational Plan is essential to the success of your business.

If your company is responsible for any of these items, how much do they cost? Terra Engineering is scheduled to begin operations on July 16, Also provide data about vehicle and pedestrian traffic, accessibility from major roads and highways, related nearby businesses that provide synergy or competition, and anything else that affects your location.

Do you have enough parking spaces to handle peak volume?

For example, you might be located on a major road that people drive on the way home from work, making it convenient for them to pick up groceries or a hot prepared meal on the way home. Can you return unused supplies and if so, within what timeframe?

If you rent, state whether your lease is net, double net, or triple net — in other words, is it you or the landlord who will be responsible for property taxes, insurance and maintenance?

If you operate a service business, your workers are your supply. Lower-level staff members, if you plan to hire any, are important enough to mention in your business plan because they will be essential to the smooth functioning of your business.

Does traffic back up so badly on the road where your store is located that cars struggle to exit the parking lot during rush hour? Have you hired enough contractors to meet the demand for your cleaning service?

Detail what you will produce, how much of it you will produce and how long it takes to produce each unit. Also note whether your business will hire any outside consultants or other independent contractors. There is a copy of the office lease in Appendix C. This will give the company the flexibility it needs to successfully secure and complete projects with varying elements.

Depending on how much information you need to present, you may want to separate the organizational plan from the operating plan. It will be important not just to would-be lenders and investors, but also to you, to management and to your employees.

A key difference between an Operational Plan you would prepare for internal use and one you will give to potential lenders and investors is that you do not need as much detail in the latter. Who will your suppliers be?

Without an execution strategy, the rest of your plan is meaningless. Smith both have left their respective jobs in order to specialize in environmental engineering consulting to small and medium sized businesses. For example, perhaps your chief operating officer previously worked for a company that used a network of independent contractors to provide handyman services.

In which types of stores will your fair-trade, organic cotton dresses will do well?

Business Plan: Your Organizational and Operational Plan

Present information such as the monthly payment, the length of the term, whether you are legally able to sublet and the terms of the early termination clause. Include an organization chart showing the hierarchical structure of your business. If your business only has an online presence — perhaps you run a service that dispatches independent contractors to clean homes — explain who operates the website and handles customer service, from where and why that arrangement makes sense.

The primary objectives of Terra Engineering over the next year are to: Do you pay higher rates at times of higher demand to entice more contractors to work for you?

It provides our reader with pertinent company information such as: Here are the key components to address in an operations plan that will be used externally. You should also consider how and why these arrangements will work.

If you have a retail location, describe the surrounding area and explain what makes this location effective. You know how to improve on the model of your former employer to create a superior offering. What kind of reputation do your suppliers have?

You will want to emphasize how their backgrounds have prepared them to take on the challenge of running your new startup, and how they will help your current business succeed. In the case of a grocery store, you may not be producing anything unless you cook things in storebut you will certainly be distributing them.

Note any disadvantages or possible problems presented by your location and what, if anything, you have done or will do to counteract these negatives.

Think about the information you would include if you were advertising one of these job openings, and include that in your business plan. But if your business is extremely small, the organization plan will be quite short.

Those contracts will be served with the assistance of strategic alliances, both with other engineering companies such as Randolf and Associates and Barnard and Barry Environmental letters of support attached in Appendix C as well as other professional groups.The Organizational and Operational Plan describes how you will structure your company and how you will carry out everything you present elsewhere in your business plan.

Without an execution. The Company Description Example Should Distill the Basics of the Business Plan Into One Simple, Clear and Easy to Understand Statement.

Sample Company Description Terra Engineering is a new company that will provide high quality technical and environmental engineering services to it's clients. When writing the business plan, the operations plan section describes the physical necessities of your business's operation, such as your business's physical location, facilities, and ultimedescente.coming on what kind of business you'll be operating, it may also include information about inventory requirements, suppliers, and a description of the manufacturing process.

The company description section of your business plan is typically the second section, coming after the executive ultimedescente.com company description outlines vital details about your company, such as where you are located, how large the company is, what you do and what you hope to accomplish.

The operating plan is the section of your business plan where you dig into more of the nuts and bolts of your business, areas like: production/manufacturing, inventory, and distribution.

If your plan is for a start-up company, include a description of how you plan for each of the four key operational areas. For established companies, detail what operational changes are necessary to achieve the new goals and objectives detailed in your business plan and how you plan to implement and fund an expansion of your operation.

Example business plan operations department description
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