It 240 key terms table

The whole point of the process is to remove the formatting from the document before you send it. A chart of special symbols will appear From the chart, you can select a symbol to insert into your document by highlighting the symbol, and clicking on the word "Insert" at the bottom of the chart.

Click on "Insert" in the menu at the top of the page From the drop-down menu, select "Symbol". In the box marked "File name: CR carriage return - Moves the cursor all the way to the left, but does not advance to the next line. On Unix systems, moves to a new line AND all the way to the left.

ASCII was established to achieve compatibility between various types of data processing equipment. A better way to enter special symbols in Windows applications such as Wordis to take advantage of the symbols in the fonts provided by Windows.

Delete a row, column, or cell from a table

Causes a beep in many common terminals and terminal emulation programs. Hex 41 written as 0x41 in the programing language C is equivalent to octal Hex 41 written as 0x41 in the programing language C is equivalent to decimal VT vertical tab FF form feed - Advances paper to the top of the next page if the output device is a printer.

In general, if somebody asks for your resume or another document "in ASCII", what they really want is a copy of your resume or whatever the document is in electronic form, but without any formatting. Make sure NumLock is enabled on your keyboard.

BS backspace - Moves the cursor or print head move backwards left one space. SO shift out - Switches output device to alternate character set. The procedure is similar for other word processors.

SI shift in - Switches output device back to default character set. You can find them on my shareware page. ASCII, pronounced "ask-key", is the common code for microcomputer equipment. The standard ASCII character set consists of decimal numbers ranging from zero through assigned to letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and the most common special characters.

The Extended ASCII Character Set also consists of decimal numbers and ranges from through representing additional special, mathematical, graphic, and foreign characters.

The trick to this, of course, is knowing the decimal equivalent of the ASCII characters that you want to generate. Click on the button marked "Save". Depending on the programming language being used and the level at which the keyboard is being accessed, the escape character is either ESC 27, 0x1Bor NUL 0.

Why not invent new characters, for line-drawing and special symbols? LF NL line feed, new line - Moves the cursor or print head to a new line. Here are a few:Use the table in Appendix C to define the key terms related to the OSI model. Describe the functions of any hardware connectivity devices.

View OSI Model Key Terms Table from IT IT at University of Phoenix. Sorniel M Davila IT/ Version 4 OSI Model Key Terms Table Term Physical layer Data link layer Network layer Transport.


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It Week 2 Osi Model Key. Topics: OSI model, OSI Model Key Terms Table Appendix C Definitions 1. Physical Layer – is the 1st layer of the OSI or bottom layer, transmits and receives signals and specifies the physical details of cables, NICs, connectors, and hardware behavior.

2. Data Link Layer – is the 2nd layer of the OSI .

It 240 key terms table
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