Marketing plan bashundhara

Mainly our target market is officials. Service Distribution Place Strategy As clarity is in service providing business there is little distribution work. People did not hear the name of clarity specialized laundry ever before. This can be a threat for us.

Our profit has to be enough to capable the investors to reinvest for further expansion of our market. By this way, they will make it famous to all the customers.

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Basically, our main target customers are from 23 to 50 years old people who are actually doing prestigious jobs in different organization. We will adjust our basic prices to account for various customer differences and changing situations.

Moreover globalization and its all pervasive impacts on states and their economies have made life more competitive, complex and technology driven. A quantity discount will be offered who will intend to get large volume service from us.

Current Market Situation

A business just need to create a product or service that a particular group of people want then put it on sale at some places that those same people visit regularly, and price it at a level which matches the value they feel they get out of it; and do all that at a time they want to buy or avail the service.

Now-a-days peoples are becoming modern and changing their life-style. Now How to differentiate our service from the other competitors positioning? In every branch of clarity some handouts will be provided to the customers promoting discounts. Clarity has a very wonderful way of distributing their services.

It has its very own customized advertising policy. For a service business like us revenues are considered more important than profits in building investor confidence. We also are very much aware to the fact that effective and winning pricing strategy depends on the analysis of what target market is willing to pay and what their perceived value of the quality of our services.

All of our machines and equipments are exported from abroad. Customers with bonus points or coupon will get some privileges and thus a strong customer relationship is created. Although this strategy risks long term customer equity but we will try our level best to create a large number of loyal customers by providing them superior customer value to make them delighted about our services.

A detailed marketing plan is needed for each business, product, or brand. The three basic guidelines for our pricing strategy are — Our service price must be enough higher than costs to cover reasonable variations in sales volume. Our main target is Dhanmondi.

Clarity hopes it will cover every major cities of the country with its specialized services. Lets have a look on the below chart: The marketing strategy will focus on the quality of the services and the quality will maintained in two dimensions-level and consistency.

Keeping main focus on business expansion and growth in the most prospective sectors, the group is continuously taking up projects to make it the largest conglomerate in the business arena of Bangladesh despite fast-changing business trend and tricky situation.

Pricing Objective We are entering into specialized laundry market for long run survival and profit maximization in the long run. Clarity understands it very well. Promotion Strategy Another important one of 4P is Promotion. Demand Curve We are running a basic market research to find out how our pricing will affect the demand.

Definitely we would charge fewer amounts than the competitors but we would also maintain the quality. We are starting our business with a lot of capitals. We will adjust our prices basically on the following grounds. Guidelines for Calculating and Setting Price Following the principles or guidelines below we tried to come up with a pricing strategy that will put us in profit and help achieve our long term objectives confirming long run survival.

As a consequence, we undertook a very effective price adjustment strategy. In these days social networking websites are getting very popular.

Within 1hour we will wash cloths, dry and serve it to customers. As we are new in this business, our management is inexperienced.

Price Strategy There is abundance of ways of setting price for a service.welcome to the basundhara marketing (marketing concept) congratulations for having taken a right decision in your life.

you are joining the company which is going to create history in the network marketing business. Jan 11,  · Bangladesh seeing a booming real estate market up until has seen declines but now is seeing a bottom. A lot of foreign companies and investors have line. Implementing & Control of Strategic Planning of Bashundhara Group By preparing statements of mission, policy, strategy, and goals, headquarters establishes the framework within which the divisions and business units prepare their plan.

Responsible for improvement of commercial process and sales force effectiveness, market research, marketing training etc. Develop strategic Business plan, operating plan, annual sales Budget, annual marketing and promotional budget for the Executive Director, Sales &.


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Marketing plan bashundhara
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