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For the final time George solemnly recounted the story of the farm for Lennie. Slim appeared to be a kind and sensitive man, so George confided in him about the troubles he and Lennie had had. The shaken giant now voiced his intensified longings for escape to the tranquility and safety of the mythical farm, and he calmed himself by describing all the harmonious details of life on the glorified ranch-to-be.

That evening, while the ranch hands entertained themselves with games of horseshoes, Lennie stayed alone in the barn holding his pup.

Killings: Short Story and Ranch Hand Archie Essay

In frustration over what he perceived as the failed American dream, and perhaps with intentional Marxist overtones, Steinbeck populates Of Mice and Men with struggling and bewildered heroes - common souls caught up in tragic combats as they innocently pursue the raw and elusive promise of America.

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Lennie promised that he would, and then begged George to tell him again about the farm they hoped to own one day: George yelled again, "I said get him! George reminded Lennie once again to let him do all the talking when they met with the ranch owner.

After Curley had gone, Candy, the bunkhouse swamper, warned them about the young man. Yes, he could care for the rabbits.

Hearing the disastrous news, George grabbed his gun to join the other men, who by now had been headed up by Curley into a revenge-seeking mob. Lennie then begged that they leave, right then, to seek out the farm.

He would get to feed the rabbits; George had promised. Get up on your feet. He was there to look over the new men. A former prizefighter, Curley took pleasure in boosting his ego by picking on others. At first Lennie refused to speak to her George might not let him feed the rabbits But the girl was able to make him feel at ease; she even let Lennie stroke her long, soft hair.

Before Curley was taken to town for treatment, Slim advised him to say his hand had been caught in a machine, to avoid the embarrassment of the truth. He did not realize that, due to his incessant mauling, the puppy was dead.

When George had finished the story, Candy piped up: Lennie prevailed on George to tell him still again about their future farm. Seeming to sense that Curley would bring them trouble, Lennie now became agitated and nervous about the job; but with no money to fall back on, the pair was forced to continue working at the ranch.

That evening, in the deserted bunkhouse, George, Candy and Lennie still cradling his puppy - quietly talked. No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me.

Excited by this new development, Lennie was grinning with delight when Curley entered the bunkhouse in search of his wife. But George was ready with an excuse: After a nine she tried to pull away, but Lennie unexplainably held on, he was bewildered when the girl started to scream.

George too was fearful - of what Curley would do to Lennie when he found him. He was also an insecure husband - he became insanely jealous of anyone who even got near his wife.

George told him to take it back to the barn to be with its mother. Class 8 Middle School Tip: As they finished their conversation, Lennie shuffled in, smiling, with his puppy hidden inside his coat.

Curley stepped over to Lennie like a terrier.They were raised by their father, maternal grandfather, and an old ranch hand named Chubb on land fenced in order to keep other people's cattle out and the wilderness in. On some nights, she recalls, the two children would go running through the moonlight, “through owl-call and cricket-chirp and frog-bellow.

Essay on The ranch in Of Mice and Men is a very hostile environment. - The ranch in Of Mice and Men is a very hostile environment. would like to “lend a hand” because there would be less persecution on him.

The Story Of Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

Curley’s wife, as well as others, wants to escape from the chain of callous society. She dreamed to be an actress, having a part. Before nightfall, another ranch hand, a jerkline skinner named Slim, presented the childlike Lennie with a puppy from his dog's litter. Slim appeared to be a kind and sensitive man, so George confided in him about the troubles he and Lennie had had.

Free Essay: Mercy Killing In the book Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck, two men travel together to escape their pasts. They arrive at a ranch in the. HOME Free Essays The conclusions in John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men We will write a custom essay sample on The conclusions in John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men We see during the suspense filled moments before the killing the young ranch hand Whit, who talks about a man he used to work with called Bill Tenner: “Little guy.

Free Essay: A major motif of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is the American dream and the drive to attain it. The life of a ranch hand is grim, yet the.

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