Research paper on culture shock

At this point, if one does not give in to the inclination to leave, one begins the process of learning the new culture: Yet discussion of its manifestations has been comparatively rare in anthropology, only one major book being devoted to it.

Adeoye Lambo has discussed certain psychiatric problems of African students abroad. Sample Paper November 26, Sample Research Paper Cultural shock is Research paper on culture shock complex occurrence ensuing from several causes or stressors which take place when an individual comes into contact with another culture.

Recent anthropological writers have viewed the process in different ways: Therefore, students can have many friends who always do the same things with them. It is perhaps exacerbated by the very unexpectedness of it: His fellow students and others around him in a foreign country may question his beliefs and way of thinking and life.

It has become a regular part of anthropological thinking about culture, especially in the USA. Culture shock has been noted frequently in anthropological fieldwork. It may start with feeling generally unwell, lack of sleep, homesickness, isolation and anxiety.

This may also be accompanied by dissatisfaction with the host country, the university or living conditions.

Another view of the nature of cultures leads George Devereux to formulate a deeper view of the source of culture shock. In Hong Kong, students stay in the same classroom with a fixed seat everyday in a same year while their teachers come to their class to teach them.

A number of articles have been written by psychiatrists and psychotherapists on the need for psychotherapeutic treatment for people whose culture shock has led them to emotional crisis.

Americans have plastic surgery and do anything they can to maintain the appearance of being young. But this melting pot process is not always without problems.

Encounter with other cultures: Perhaps it is because each encounter with a different way of life puts in question our own beliefs and values, confronted as we are with alternative ways of looking at reality or at social relationships, with different rules to guide our conduct.

The earliest writings on culture shock treated it as a kind of pathology, an obstacle to smooth operation in the culture one is entering and to communicating with its people.

In Chinese culture, the elderly are much more respected for they are considered as knowing the secret of life, and, therefore, wiser than the youngsters. So Asian people are not hesitant to ask and tell their ages. I well remember the long visits I paid to the villages during the first weeks; the feeling of hopelessness and despair after many obstinate but futile attempts had entirely failed to bring me into real touch with the natives, or supply me with any material.

Culture Shock

Culture shock is an emotional uncertainty due to confusion or not understanding the signs in another culture. And if they give the wrong answer it not only humiliates them but also brings shame on their families.

These conflicts of culture appear not only when students come to school and learn new ways of living, but also when they go back home and live with their own families or their own societies. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 22, — Each culture we come into contact with raises these issues anew, challenging new aspects of our world view and ethical standards.

We come back a different person from what we were; we have taken something of the other culture into ourselves, and can never again be fully at home in any one culture.

Culture Shock Research Paper

It may be that this experience, the discomfort we feel in encountering another culture, is what most moves our curiosity about other cultures: Relationships between people are often many but temporary or casual.

The psychoanalyst Gertrude Ticho, in a article, expands this list to include increased rigidity, fatigue, withdrawal anxiety, depression and elation, distressed obsessive neurotic-like symptoms such as over concern with the cleanliness of food and water, and hysterical reactions.

The depth to which these experiences disturb us is an indicator of how deeply the cultural framework we grow up in shapes our view of the world and of relations with others. This helps to build a closer and stable relationship between students. Frequent manifestations include food concerns — yearning for familiar foods or anxiety about the safety of the drinking water.

On the other hand, if something you consider normal and not anything to be ashamed of is regarded as repugnant in the culture you are going into, that may lead you to do or say things that will cause great distress to others in that culture; you may inadvertently arouse anxiety and distress, without at first understanding why.

Spradley, James Culture shock happens frequently for international students and immigrants who come to America. Hong Kong students for instance have a high regard for their teachers. Where something about the new culture annoys or angers you, disgusts you, or arouses anxiety or a sense of disorientation, that is a point where one must look for fundamental differences in assumptions about life or in conceptualizing the world.

People only pursue their own personal achievement and fulfillment. I had periods of despondency, when I buried myself in the reading of novels, as a man might take to drink in a fit of tropical depression and boredom.

When people from other countries come to America, they may experience some form of culture shock.In this paper, I will first explore the true meaning of culture, second I will then state what kind of culture I practice, and finally I will list the medicines and beliefs that have influenced my attitudes in health care industry.

Cultural Shock research.

CULTURE SHOCK AND INDONESIAN STUDENTS OF AL-AZHAR UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO, EGYPT Yuliani Arifin Indonesia University of Education Abstract Coming into a new place will bring cultural shocks especially in educational purposes as for many Indonesia’s students who just have studied in the foreign.

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Research paper on culture shock
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