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Two valuable studies center on archeology within the Park. End results of such booms are described in Robert L.

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Appreciating the mountains took many forms. Foscue and Louis O. Of greater value is Robert C. Details of rescues must be reconstructed from sketchy newspaper accounts or from files of the Chief Ranger.

Among the more recent scholarly studies, Anne M. The establishment of national forests may be seen in Arthur H. A History Seattle, Numerous government documents provide details of the popularity of Rocky Mountain National Park and the need for Mission Adventures on Longs Peak are described in Paul W.

Discussions regarding wilderness preservation within the Park are best found in National Park Service Wilderness Hearing transcripts from It is still worthwhile to read the newspaper accounts detailing that incident, especially from the Georgetown Colorado Miner during July of For an overview of that era see George F.

Olson The Mount Albion Complex: The Hallett Peak rescue was described through oral interviews with Jerry Hammond and Frank Betts and from related documents supplied by Mr.

Helping create the mood for that discussion were Stewart L. Hafen and Anne W. The Price of Popularity Events of the most recent historical period, like the Ouzel Fire, are best described in numerous newspaper articles, especially in the Estes Park Trail-Gazette.

Essays and Journals Garden City, The American Experience Lincoln, Its Attractions and Resources Bloomington, Numerous individuals and issues within this era have received attention. For the era of geological and geographical exploration, William H. Albright and Frank J. Equally important but less accessible are two National Park Service historic resource studies: Because gold brought such people as Joel Estes to Colorado, the search for mineral wealth ultimately affected Rocky Mountain National Park.

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The shooting at Grand Lake received definitive treatment in Robert C. For an overview of the American fur trade, Hiram M. Some insights into the administration of national parks during that period may be gained from Horace M.

Worth searching for are William N. Digs In," Liberty May 5, Reflections on the National Parks Ann Arbor, Official documents, such as the Board of Review Transcript of November 8,are most useful.

Numerous issues of the Estes Park Trail display events and individuals significant to the Park. An early effort to connect Rocky Mountain National Park with its Native American heritage led to a expedition through the region with elderly Indians as detailed in Oliver W.

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BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY. General Works. The history of Rocky Mountain National Park has always been linked to that of the adjacent communities of Estes Park and Grand Lake.

One of the earliest histories of the region still available is Enos Mills's The Story of Estes Park (Privately printed, ).

Rocky mountain bicycles essay
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