Sensory and luxury

Amy has been leading descriptive trainings and workshops, managing consumer studies, interpreting data, and working in the diverse world of consumer qualitative throughout her entire career.

Some companies have come to realise that they already use various sensory identity elements in their branding. From material research through to manufacturing and finishing processes, our signature approach to integrated sensory packaging is designed to help luxury brand owners leverage the potential that materials have to fine-tune the perceived value of the packaging design and therefore the brand.

Marie has a B. Joanne monitors the flow of work within the consultants, directing incoming projects in a manner that allows each consultant to increase their overall knowledge of sensory methods. Take touch, for example. However, more often than not such elements fail Sensory and luxury translate through to the packaging piece, resulting in failure to build the desired brand engagement with the customer.

At Hunter packaging design begins with an immersive process with our clients where the right materials and shapes are matched to the desired sensory cues that trigger a positive response in the mind of the consumer.

As a Director at Sensory Spectrum, Ivy manages a team of consultants whose expertise spans a wide variety of consumer product categories and sensory research techniques. Her tenure crosses a range of different company experiences including consumer goods, supplier side business, and consulting.

Ivy specializes in food descriptive analysis and training food descriptive panels, and has expertise in statistical techniques, including linking consumer and descriptive data. Joanne has experience in both qualitative and quantitative testing.

Packaging that delivers a sensory experience — auditory, tactile, visual, or olfactory- is as powerful as the brand itself. Carol earned a B. Research shows that engaging the sense of touch influences sales in a positive manner 1 2. Psychological studies have revealed conclusive ties between use of non-visual sensory stimuli and human behaviour.

Lee studied Food Science at Clemson and NC State University and held several positions involving product development, quality, technical sales, and sensory prior to joining Sensory Spectrum in Imagine pulling the end of that perfect silky bow to release the delicate smell of chocolate, or the reassuring weight of that exquisite perfume bottle in your hand, or taking a bottle of the finest single malt whiskey from the carefully-crafted wooden box.

Amy has explored almost every food and beverage and spent extended time on chocolate, coffee, vanilla, fruits, and dairy.

Luxury Homeowners Retreat With Sensory-Deprivation Tanks

She also holds a M. But bridging the gap between the brand and the packaging experience to harness the power of sensory packaging requires a clear understanding of how sensory branding can deliver stronger brand preferences and increased sales. Ivy has an M.

Imagine the soft touch of brushed steel, or gently running your fingers on a genuine leather case.

Sensory Play

Across all product categories, she enjoys uncovering the sensory story underneath the data and revealing the interrelationships between products sensory properties and consumer acceptance and perception. However, as marketers struggle to break out from the clutter, luxury brand owners have come to realise that visual systems by themselves have limitations.

Consulting also expanded her expertise beyond foods to cover personal care products, fragrance, and clothing. Nothing quite like it, is there? Her industry background in both food and non-food allows her to offer clients a blend of scientific precision with a real world, practical approach well-suited to the corporate world.

Her business focus provides maximum benefit for all parties while ensuring that the contract terms and conditions are upheld.

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The more consumers handle a product, the more likely they will purchase that product. Her passion for sensory and consumer research all started with a B. CLOSE Annlyse Retiveau Krogmann With a strong background in consumer research and descriptive techniques, Annlyse Retiveau Krogmann has developed skills and expertise in evaluation methods for a diversified array of products — including foods and beverages as well as non-food products, such as home care, air care and personal care products.Floating: The Basics.

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Feeling Luxury: Enjoying the Sensory Experience of Good Design

We are proud to add Karma to our stable of luxury brands. This is the first true luxury electric brand. The Revero combines stunning design and new age technology to create a beautiful and responsible vehicle.

Luxury Homeowners Retreat With Sensory-Deprivation Tanks Wealthy residents are spending tens of thousands of dollars installing pods that let them float free of gravity, claiming the amenity. This is the most luxurious weighted sensory blanket on the market produced by the only official producer of weighted blankets in the world.

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Sensory and luxury
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