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Negative Aspects of Financial Forecast The forecasted balance sheet shows that there is a problem with current assets covering current liabilities. Koh should approve the investment for the program.

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Star River Electronics financial performances are disappointing compared to the industry average. ROE is expressed as a percentage and calculated as: This means, if Star River continues with their current borrowing structure, they will not be able to cover all of their current obligations.

Recommend about financial and operating changes. This is a serious problem for Star River. Findings Regarding New Packing Equipment: Star River has always depended much on debt for its financing and the trend shows this ratio may get higher in future. To unlever the betas, I used the debt to equity ratio.

What will be the external financing requirements of the firm in those years? It shows that though sales are increasing at a substantial rate, increase in interest payment slows the growth of Net Earnings.

Order your authentic assignment from and you will be amazed at how easy it is to complete a quality custom paper within the shortest time possible! The cost of debt is based on the average of short-term and long-terms loans. Reduce Inventories The days in receivables has been substantially increasing throughout the past few years, which adds to holding costs.

Star River Electronics Ltd. With the proposed structure of debt structure Star River will face a serious default risk threat as they are already heavily levered. Receivables are the money is that is owed the company. Any Bank will be very unlikely to provide any loan in this situation.

The new equipment is depreciated over seven years in straight line method.

C of old equipment The Days in Accounts Receivable Ratio shows that they are having problems collecting on their receivables. The average of interests comes to 6.Star River Electronics is a joint venture between Starlight Electronics Ltd., United Kingdom and an Asian venture-capital firm, New Era Partners.

Star River Electronics is based in Singapore. It manufactures and supplies CD-ROM’s to major software companies. Due to its production of high-quality. View Essay - Star river electronics from MGMT at Indiana Institute of Technology.

NEW YORK INSTITITE OF TECHNOLOGY CASE INTRODUCTION Star River Electronics LTD is a joint venture company that has%(22). Nov 24,  · Star River was founded as a joint venture between Starlight Electronics Ltd., and an Asian venture-capital firm called New Era Partners.

Star River became favorably recognized as a supplier of high-quality CD-ROMs as the industry grew quickly during the mid to late s. "Star River Electronics Ltd Case Study Solution" Essays and Research Papers Star River Electronics Ltd Case Study Solution STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Star River Electronics Ltd.

is a large manufacturer and supplier of CD-ROMS. Free Essay: Florida Atlantic University Star River Electronics Ltd. – Case Analysis Case Summary Star River Electronics is a joint venture company that has.

Case Analysis of Star River Electronics Ltd.” Essay

On July 5,Adeline Koh, the newly introduced CEO of Star River Electronics Ltd., was assigned to make important financial decisions that would affect the firms’ financial future.

Star river electronics ltd essay
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