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Customer price sensitivity means if there are many products in the market which are similar which make them a competitive product, then the customers will make decision of choosing the product by comparing the prices. For an example a new bottling will Swot elephant house organization in quicker production level and will help to cut expenses on work force.

If bottles are not recycled in a proper manner and defects are found the reputation of the company would fall. New labeling Most of the current soft drinks in the market use attractive and eye-catching labels. In recognition of the organisations effort to penetrate Swot elephant house global markets was awarded by the National chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka.

This has resulted in consumers making carbonated products least favorable item. To reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide the government has implemented some rules and regulation like high tax for polluting the environment as result of the production process.

A recycling system will enable the customers to sell the empty bottles back. Elephant house has established a good customer base which now needs to keep reminding about the products. The bargaining power of Swot elephant house This looks at the bargaining power of the suppliers of a company.

There are certain factors to be considered to be affecting buying power. Many companies aim is to have a strong position in the market, especially for fast moving products like beverages.

The demand for the CCS soft drinks particularly soft drinks are less Swot elephant house high competition in the market. The carbonated beverage market has been relatively low in the North and the East.

Product Distribution in North and East The end of 3 decade civil war brings new opportunities to company to expand its distribution of beverage products locally.

There are 2 types of buying power: This has helped on the growth in products. Elephant house retail outlets and restaurants Elephant house soft drinks can look into new retail stores and target restaurants since EGB and Cream Soda are soft drinks consumed by most customers during their meals.

They recently put out a new beverage Apple Soda which popular among the people and was a huge success, like wise Elephant house can come up with new products which will boost their ever growing popularity.

Elephant Ginger Beer and Cream Soda are the top most consumed soft drinks in the island. In ; CCS introduced latest machinery in their production line to introduce carbonated soft drinks.

Elephant House SWOT Analysis

By these initiatives the Elephant House soft drinks has been able built trust among the sharp customers, employees, suppliers and all the other takeholders. High competition results in change in prices which would lead to change in profit margins. Various employee training programmes are conducted in the organisation to improve the skill of the employees and to educate them.

Elephant Ginger Beer and Cream Soda can be distributed on a global scale which will help the products expand among the foreign population. Global market Elephant House soft drinks are currently distributed in 25 countries. New Automated Technology The modern era of producing uses automated technology.

If there are many suppliers manufacturing the same raw materials needed for EGB and Cream Soda then the CCS would go according to the prices of their suppliers.

Selecting internationally recognized figures will boost its popularity both locally and globally. Nature Though the does not play a huge part in the beverage industry recent studies has shown that the uncharacterized weather patterns are making consumers change their buying behaviors when it comes to food and beverages.

This will impact the company with its products cost. CCS had the experience to handle the situation and they managed to make many changes to their prices strategies, distributions etc… and made sure their products stay in the market.

These policies minimises the harmful impact on the environment caused by the business operations and to promote health and safety in the work place. As a result of this high competition the prices of the soft drinks tend to increase. Work Force Committed and extraordinary group of employees help Ceylon Cold Stores to reach their target.

Elephant House soft drinks use small labels on their products. Elephant Ginger Beer is an extremely popular brand in Sri Lanka and since most of the Sri Lankan customers are ethnocentric buyers, they are happy to buy products which are produces locally.

From the starting of the production till the end new technological machines have been used for the mixtures of the raw materials used for the beverages.

Elephant House sri lanka SWOT Analysis

The Threat of Substitutes Substitutes are alternative products which satisfy the same needs and wants of consumers. Health Conscious Society In the present period people are more concentrated on their health issues.

Elephant House soft drinks are only popular among Sri Lankans who are living abroad. The change of consumption pattern is impacting the beverage sector.

Due to the continuous efforts at improving efficiencies and commitment to quality, Ceylon Cold Stores has achieved the ISO certification. In this scenario EGB Elephant House Ginger Beer and Cream Soda have similar products in the market but of their competitors which can make their customers to shift to their competitors.

Since CCS is a company operating for many years it would have the advantage over the new company entering the market because a new company has to study its consumers and know how exactly the company should target its customers.What is a SWOT Analysis?

It is a way of evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect something. See WikiWealth's SWOT tutorial.

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Swot Pestel & Porters. 11 November Beer; and Elephant house Cream Soda. 2. SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong Brand Name With a history dating back further than the ’s Elephant Brand has a rich heritage that is rivaled by few brands in the world.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Elephant House Swot Analysis. Elephant house will market the sausages business equally to the final customers as well as to the hotels to keep in touch with both the parties because customer loyalty or connections with elephant house is necessary for a successful B2B & B2C marketing.

And the two main soft drinks we are concentrating are Elephant house ginger beer which has been recently named as EGB, and Elephant house Cream Soda. 2. SWOT Analysis.

Swot elephant house
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