The dress code fix essay

He had the counselor join him in sitting down with the concerned students to reach a compromise on a dress code that worked best for everyone. EducationFeminismGirls More articles by Tag: They had to wear an outfit that fit the dress code, which Pierson admits was hard with such strict guidelines.

Pierson remembers one staff member visiting classrooms to collect the girls showing too much skin. They handed out the first article on the incident to faculty at the school, drawing attention to the issue.

Sexist school dress codes can be changed

They wanted to keep talking. The next week, Pierson and The dress code fix essay female peers organized a silent protest, in which they all decided to wear dresses to school on the same day. They wanted to gain attention to start an effective dialogue, instead of getting shot down before getting started.

The girls wore what they thought to be tasteful sundresses and skirts—all just above the knee. In the days that followed, the group began to work on a campaign to get the attention of Fairhaven faculty.

Because when it comes to freedom for all students, including those who are gender-nonconforming, the fewer restrictions the better.

A group of about ten girls had chosen that day to dress up for school, in celebration of their friend who was moving to another state. More articles by Category: Nobody could have an outfit that they could wear. In most places, policy change in the form of an effective yet inclusive and gender-neutral dress code has been hard to come by.

Halley Linscheid, one of the girls in the sundress group, said after being singled out by teachers that day, she and her friends knew it was time to start talking to administrators about creating a nonsexist dress code. The group had two rules: But Fairhaven Middle School is an example of how such change can be made when administrators listen to and work with students.

So then all of the sudden, I felt more positive definitely body- and dress-wise, and I never expected that to happen. Fairhaven Principal Robert Kalahan said he knew this issue needed to result in a dialogue with those involved.Many schools respond to criticism of dress codes by citing the importance of maintaining a ‘distraction free’ learning environment, or of teaching young people about the importance of dressing.

- Can a Dress Code Fix It Dress codes regulate what can be worn in certain places, such as schools and facilities.

Education Dress Code essays research papers] Powerful Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Mandatory Dress Codes for All Schools!

- Dress codes have been an issue lately in some schools. Most kids are. Student Sample Untitled Essay about Dress Codes: Grade 12 This essay on dress codes was written for a university/college placement assessment.

Free Essay: Can a Dress Code Fix It Dress codes regulate what can be worn in certain places, such as schools and facilities. These codes are controversial. Essay about Professional Dress Code in the Workplace; Essay about Professional Dress Code in the Workplace.

Words Nov 20th, 7 Pages. Professional Dress Code in the Workplace Rosaura P Bernal EN – Nadia H Morales Park University Essay on The Dress Code Fix Words | 7 Pages. School Dress Code essays Having students wear school uniforms has been a big debate among communities across the country for several years.

The issue of school dress code has both strong supporters and opposition. This essay will consider arguments that school uniform should not be a part of our.

The dress code fix essay
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