The effects of deforestation on our environment essay

What makes deforestation alarming is the immediate and long term effects it is bound to inflict if continued at the current pace. Forest is a broad area that is fully covered with trees that improves the entire biological potential of the environment. Aerial view of a large soy field eating into the tropical rainforest.

It involves permanent end of forest cover to make that land available for residential, commercial or industrial purpose. The disturbance of native people: If climate change is not taken seriously by taking steps to stop deforestation, then it is bound to eradicate the existence of organisms from the earth in the coming years.

Due to overgrowing demand for food products, huge amount of tress are fell down to grow crops and for cattle gazing. Soil erosion can also play a role in the health of our water systems. It is still necessary to avoid buildup in the atmosphere.


The situation of tropical forest areas is also pathetic. Rampant cutting of trees has given rise to unbalanced weather cycle, which has also affected human life.

Now there is a need to create and implement such laws, which can prevent forest area imbalance due to deforestation.

These tactics leave the land completely barren and are controversial practices. Compromises of a Growing World With the world growing at a pace hard to match, the increasing need for space is turning out to be an area of concern. Not only do the forests provide a home for plants and animals that live outdoors, but also the trees provide oxygen for humans and the lumber is used for human purposes, such as heat sources and building homes.

In almost every state of the country, deforestation in the name of development and other activities is continuing. They are losing forest area at the rate of ten percent.

Trees play a major role in controlling global warming. Another consequence of biodiversity loss in the rainforests is the foods which they provide us with.

This leads to the imbalance in the atmospheric temperature further making conditions for the ecology difficult. Deforestation in the current scenario may have reduced however it would be too early to assume.

Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects

Apart from this, roads and highways have to be built to make way for trucks and other equipment. If the deforestation goes on unabated, then the day is not far when the life of all species will run into crisis. Oil and coal mining require considerable amount of forest land.Deforestation has major negative effects on many varying aspects such as the biodiversity, especially of the tropical rainforests, the gases that make up our atmosphere, the quality and abundance of our soil, and the quality of.

Deforestation can also be seen as removal of forests leading to several imbalances ecologically and environmentally. What makes deforestation alarming is the immediate and long term effects it is bound to inflict if continued at the current pace. Deforestation of the Amazon - Deforestation, or “the cutting down and removal of all or most of the trees in a forested area,” has caused an adverse effect on the natural habitats, or “the natural environment of an organism”, of plant and animal life(“Deforestation”; Random House).

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Deforestation has so many negative consequences on the environment. One of the most immediate effects is the loss of habitat of many species of animals. Thus, deforestation can alter the earth’s biodiversity making a lot or rare species even more extinct.

Deforestation has caused great damage to the environment. The entire ecological cycle has become disturbed, which is visible everywhere in the form of various types of destruction. Untimely changes in weather, excessive rainfall, drought, etc are the ill effects of destruction of trees, which are integral to maintenance of natural balance.

Find out the causes, effects, and solutions to deforestation. Modern-Day Plague Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land.

The effects of deforestation on our environment essay
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