Tow ways a woman can get

She has numerous ads like this which all make you think about the ads and how they are portraying the sexes, which is exactly her goal. Just because B comes after A, does not mean A caused B. This is not the case for all men.

She provides an example from a commercial where a bunch of women surround and cackle a male construction worker with his shirt off drinking a Diet Coke.

Perhaps is simply designed to get our attention by shocking us and by arousing unconscious anxiety. The easiest way to do that of is to link the product with the ideas that all people are familiar or the opposite: Such tactics are still used today, even going so far as to encourage young women to tease and act submissive.

The advertisement people use that and others ready social formulas to create links with the images of the objects. They call me a ten timer, because they say I go with ten guys at the same time.

For that reason, the marketing people concentrate on creating images that will not be easily forgotten. Soon follow the rules, the girls wear dresses and play the dolls while all boys have short hairs and play with guns and cars.

She evokes emotion really well and causes the reader to think deeper behind some of the advertisements that are put out there. This case is one of the most compelling in her article and probably also evokes the most emotion. She does claim that the ads do not cause violence directly, which is almost contradicting herself because she was just saying it did cause violence, however, she could have elaborated more on explaining how ads influence violence.

Commercials are showing half naked men and women who are close behind lusting after them. Whatever reason is for violence on women being shown; it creates the image of a women as being not equal to a man and deserving to be treated violently because of her feminine side that is seem in our culture much worse then a masculine side.

Bringing light to the real messages we are giving to the public and to our children. She wants people to see the effects the advertisements are subconsciously or consciously having on people. These girls grow the women who believe that to be good wives they must depend upon men and that their role in a relationship with a man is passive.

Also the males throughout the whole article she talks about them and how they see these advertisements that will make them believe they have this underlying dominance over women and that it is acceptable to treat them as sexual objects. In the conclusion, the media demand from women not only perfectly looking but also subordinate to a man.

“Two ways a woman can get hurt” by Jean Kilbourne Essay

Also in the article she somewhat explains men and their side of the story. This is not necessarily true.I agree with Jean Kilbourne's opinion that these types of ads can harm us more than they can help us. In addition, I agree with her argument about how most men can't take no for an answer, and it almost looks like in some of the ads that the woman is saying no, can actually be depicted as a come on.

Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt Bill Zacharias Argumentive Essay 12/7/ For many years, Advertisement Companies used sex in order to sell their products.

Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt Essay

More times often, we, the consumers want to think that we are immune to the power of the ads, citizens from around the world affected; thinking, “I am attractive, popular, and more. CRITICAL ANALYSIS “Two ways a woman can get hurt: advertising and violence” by Jean Kilbourne It is true that nowadays, advertising may impact on society.

That’s what Jean Kilbourne, who spent most of her professional life studying the advertising world, wants us to understand in her article.

Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence Essay Words Mar 2nd, 3 Pages In “Two Ways a Woman Can get Hurt: Advertising and Violence,” the author Jean Kilbourne describes how advertising and violence is.

male violence against women is irrational and commonplace. It is re- assuring to believe that we can avoid it by being good girls, avoiding dark places, staying out of bars, dressing "innocently." An ad featur- ing two young women talking intimately at a coffee shop says, "Carla and Rachel considered themselves open-minded and non-judgmental eople.

“Two Way a Woman Can Get Hurt” by Jean Kilbourne is an article about how the objectification of women in advertising can lead to violence because ads shows a truth and this truth is that women are more likely to get abused.

Tow ways a woman can get
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