Write a web application to send email with attachment with sqr

PeopleSoft has made the application engine very powerful toolset with a wide range of capabilities. One of the best enhancements we have found is inside the Application Engine. He has seen and worked through the progression from PeopleSoft client-server 2-tier, 3-tier, and n-tier.

Example of Sending Batch Emails from Application Engine If you want to efficiently write useful application engine code, then you will find this code example, extremely useful. Well you can with just a few lines of code. Here is how to do this.

You will first need to create a New Application Engine program. And, once you complete your application, you can easily add the AE program to a PS job stream so that it will execute after your Pay Confirm process. With that said, I want to show you a quick and easy way to send emails from within an Application Engine program.

I will fully explain this code. Derek has been involved with PeopleSoft software since version 5 through the most recent versions of HCM and Financials. Introduction Since the inception of PeopleTools version 8, many new features and tools related enhancements have been introduced.

It was very cumbersome and difficult to use. You may find it useful to send an email message to your PS administrator when a certain process is completed. Since adding the application engine into the application designer, there are many more options and capabilities. For example, you can now use PeopleCode objects and SQL objects within your application engine program.

Did you know you could easily send email messages from within your app engine programs? Now you are ready to insert the code below. Designing Application Engine programs has become easier than ever, and is a definite candidate to replace SQR programs.

Either way, you can easily create a simple application engine program that will send your email message with these few lines of code that I am about to show you. He has worked on small private companies to large fortune corporations implementing, upgrading, installing, enhancing, and maintaining PeopleSoft Financial and HRMS software.

Our favorite feature is the ability to include PeopleCode within your App engine programs. Or perhaps you want to send an email to all employees indicating that their paychecks are available to be viewed via the Employee Self Service ePay application.Feb 22,  · I had an option to create a Job, with two processes- One will be SQR that will generate the output file and another will be App Engine that will send out the email with report as an attachment.

Though it was a good idea, somehow I wasn't convinced with ultimedescente.com: psnaïve.

Send Email with Attachment in PHP

Dec 09,  · attachment in send mail function. 9 replies Thu, 02/21/ - pm Guest. Hi. I need an urgent help. you need to write the email and pass the values from your stat record as such: (it was sent as an email attachment and wasnt correctly decoded.)" i have adobe reader 7.

A Simple Application Engine Program. Looping Through Employees and Sending Emails. By Derek Tomei - DMT Solutions, Inc. About the Author. Derek Tomei is a PeopleSoft Consultant and President of DMT Solutions, Inc.

Derek has been involved with PeopleSoft software since version 5 through the most recent versions of HCM and Financials.

Sending email from the script is the very useful functionality in the web application. Most of the website used the email sending feature to send the notifications. Below is from PeopleBooks.

It appears that as you declare new-report, it closes the current report. So, it would stand to reason that you would need to declare another new-report to close your PDF file report.

"Hi, I am sending an email w/ attachment using an SQR report. When the body of the email is 20 words long then the attachments are sent successfully.

However, when it is increased to say 40 words it corrupts the attachment file.

Write a web application to send email with attachment with sqr
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